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Global is Ranked 1 in India among Top CBSE Schools. Started by Ken Kendre, USA based NRI to bring the world standards of education to India. Global is affiliated with CBSE Board till 12th std with affiliation Number 1130972. 

School is focusing on building 21st Century skills among our students. In addition to Excellent Academic Teaching staff, School provides Swimming, Horse Rides, Train Rides, Mountain Trekking, Archery, Sports, Gardening, Value Education, Life Goal Settings for all round development of each student.

Global International School CBSE Nashik

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Why Global International School?

The best early learning experience

Global International School is a prestigious educational institution that offers a comprehensive and globally-focused learning experience. With a commitment to academic excellence, multiculturalism, and innovative teaching methodologies, it provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an interconnected world. The school's international curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities create an environment that nurtures intellectual growth, cultural awareness, and personal development, preparing students to become confident and responsible global citizens.

Strong Academic System

Fostering academic excellence through a rigorous and dynamic educational framework.

Modern Teaching Methods

Empowering students through innovative and personalized teaching approaches for a dynamic learning experience.

Wide Range of Activities

Enriching education with a diverse array of extracurricular activities to nurture talents and interests beyond the classroom.

Empowering Student Life

Cultivating a vibrant and supportive campus community that empowers students to excel academically and personally.

School Vision & Mission

Our vision is to enlighten our students with international standards education thru Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and 21st Century Skills to make them global citizens of tomorrow with prosperous future.

All round development of each child so that they can find their own identity, meaning and purpose in life by connecting with community, nature and spiritual values.

Students Life

Student Activites

Created to assist children in recognizing their capabilities and achieving their fullest potential.

Horse Riding

"Experience the joy of horse riding as you connect with these majestic creatures and explore the world from a new perspective."


"Dive into a world of wellness and confidence through swimming, where every stroke propels you towards a healthier you."


"Experience the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of teamwork in our diverse range of sports offerings."


"Discover the art of precision and focus with archery, where ancient skills meet modern concentration."


"Embark on unforgettable journeys through breathtaking landscapes, as trekking takes you on a path of adventure and self-discovery."

Music & Drama

"Unleash your creativity and passion on stage with our dynamic Music & Drama programs."

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Global International School Ranked 1 in India among the top CBSE schools – awarded by Education Today Magazine. Global was started by America-based NRI Sir Ken Kendre the Chairperson today, to bring the true International Standards of Education to India.

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